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04-05-2010, 23:22
Well, after 10 great years of ownership I finally have to part with my P&J (unless I can find a way to keep her in the garage, hidden from the wife).

Standard Spec:
1995 (Feb) Mitsubishi FTO GPX
4-speed INVECS-II automatic
Rear wash wipe
Traction Control
Front driver and passenger airbags

Things I have done or had done:
MOMO airbag steering wheel
Ally pedals (3 of them)
FTOOC ally dial rings
FTOOC ally gear surround
Mongoose s/s exhaust system with standard-look (CAT still on)
RPW downpipes and manifolds
EBC drilled and grooved front disks
EBC red stuff front pads
GPvR manual gearbox with LSD (fitted by Japco in 2005)
GPvR front and rear strut braces (supplied by Japco)
Lowered (done in 2007 by Japco using Japco kit)
Braided brake hoses
New near-side front calliper in 2007
BK Racing alloy wheels

The car will probably also come with all the original parts I still have, including 2 sets of standard GPX alloys, a 'spare' CAT and the original manifolds, steering wheel and other parts.

The car was originally imported in 1998 as an auction grade 4 (sheet available) and I bought her from another club member in 2000 with 105,000km on the clock. She now has just under 145,000km and has provided many miles of fun for myself and the kids...unfortunately the wife does not like driving her unless absolutely necessary, which is the reason I have finally conceded and replaced her.

She initially replaced a company car, hence the auto. Once I started to work in London full time driving became a pass time rather than a necessity. In 2005 I managed to get Giles to part with a 20,000miler GPvR gearbox with LSD (along with the usual 3rd pedal, correct dials and ancilliaries).

I have had the oil changed at least once a year and try to get her to Japco for all and any larger pieces of work and a full check over on a semi-regular basis. Last MOT she needed a steering rack gaiter (I had both done), wheel bearing and rear pads to achieve the coveted pass. This was my first expense to pass an MOT in the 10 years of ownership.

Now the bad:
There is a small rust bubble in the usual place on the roof, no bigger than a 5p.
There is also a small finger-dent in the roof above the drivers door where I leant on it to get into the car Dukes of Hazard style after some a-hole blocked me in in a car park.
(I had intended to get both done in one go and have the roof resprayed next time she went to Japco. Will post pictures as soon as I can get the car out of the garage)
Usual wear and tear on a 15 year old car, cosmetically she needs a little tlc.

Many small dings and dents and the like were taken out by Japco when I had the car partially resprayed when it went in for some work back in 2005.

She is taxed until December and has an MOT until mid-July. All 4 tyres are good (Toyo T1R on the back and Eagle F1 GSD3 on the front).

I was planning to put her up for 2000, but due to the roof work I will consider offers of 1600 ono.

I may also consider selling the plate separately. Looking on the DVLA site, K# FTO plates are around 599. Buyer to pay transfer fee on top of any agreed price.

Please PM me for any more info or to discuss any of the above.