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Thread: Public Road parking query

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    Public Road parking query

    Hi all.

    Had a little tete-a-tete with a bag across the road who came across to me today while i was sitting in my fto and demanded i dont park outside her house as her and her husband have two cars and my 'grotesque' little number should be parked as far away as possible. well my question is this: what is the legals when parking on a public road. its a cul de sacx with no yellow lines or street signs. i have no drive and do not park ouside my flat as its a disabled space and parking well its a free for all. is it legal to park half on/half off the kerb as i do as i dont want my car to get scratched by people turning in the road which happens often. i told the lady that i can park where i want as anyone can on a public road as the pavement and road are public hence as long as our cars are taxed, mot'd and insured and there are no lines or signs saying otherwise we can park there all fine and this correct? can she have me towed or anything. i sure i right, just cos its outside her house doesnt mean its her space, and i hardly park there anyway but cos there are hardly any driveways its a free for all as most city streets are. i am no obstructing a dropped kerb or driveway either so am i right. and can i park half on half off the kerb as im sure shed try everything to get me towed?

    cheers all

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    fto is my friend
    also another guy leaves messages on my car everytime i park half on half off the kerb saying that i need to leave a space for pedestraisn (when really he prob thinks ill drive over his lovely hedge) thing is i do, but i told him that my car keeps getting scratched by other cars in the road as its only a narrow cul de sac with hardly any drives so everyone does yet he seems to only ticket my car the g*t! things is its a cul de sac with no pedestrian thoroughfare and its always at night when i park...grr these people. does he have a right to do this. i live by idiots lol

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    fto is my friend
    sad...can you not just answer my kwestion pleese?

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    you can park anywhere you like so long as you are not blocking a drive way or a pedestrian route, but parking on the pavement half on and off believe is illegal.

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    Yeh you can't park on the pavement or alongside where the pavement has been dropped for pedestrian access (my mum got a ticket for that).

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    As long as you are displaying valid road tax it is legal for you to park on a public highway.

    They DO NOT own the road or pavement outside their property, it is a public highway and if the road is unmarked you are ok to park there.

    A disabled guy on our street (who doesnt even own a car) puts big blue signs up to stop people parking outside his house - the council basically told him to do one when he asked for a no parking zone there since he has no car and they are allowed to park there. He is quite mobile so doesnt require access etc.

    As for parking on the pavement - its not normally illegal HOWEVER each council has their own rules about it so you need to check it. There is a city wide ban in London on pavement parking for example. Generally its normally ok as long as there is room for a pushchair or wheelchair to pass by.

    If your parking would mean a pedestrian and/or wheelchair etc has to leave the pavement and put themselves in danger, if they get run over, its your fault and you may be liable. As before each council has its own rules but its generally frowned upon.

    Certain councils actually mark where pavement parking is allowed. Just speak to your local council and inquire about your particular street.

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    I used to live on a fairly narrow road. The neighbour opposite backed off their drive one day and hit our car parked on the opposite side of the road. It went through insurance and they paid. About a week later after the claim was finalised I had a visit from two police officers who asked if I would mind not parking outside my house on the opposite side of the road to theirs. I explained that we had two cars, and thats where I had to park. He said that was fair enough, but he had to ask as a complaint had been received. Nothing more was done, as within legal limits I have every right to park on the road outside my house. You cant park on the pavement though, that would be illegal.

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    to throw a spanner in the works, the pavement is not always public owned. There may be local differences.
    Our street, outside our driveway is public so anyone can park anywhere (blah blah not on dropped kerbs).
    Friends of ours, about five minutes down the road, own property on a road where the pavement also belongs to the property due to the property boundaries. Therefore, they have to maintain the pavement along with telling neighbours not to park on their property. This is a rare case though. (In this case the road is public so it's not one of those private-owned-unsealed-roads)
    edit: I guess this won't be the case for you if you live in flats and their not all freeholds

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    I did some work experience with the police when I was younger. They gave someone a ticket because they had parked too far on the pavement. I'm sure they did it because I was with them and at the time I thought it was great. Now I know what a bunch of ******s they are!

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    just an idea, my boyfriend "aquired" 2 bollards an as he parked he put 1 at back wheel an 1 at front wheel, kept cars from scraping along side.

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    Just a thought, i think it is also illegal to park directly accross from driveways, due to access problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by davy7876 View Post
    Just a thought, i think it is also illegal to park directly accross from driveways, due to access problems.
    I'm sure I read somewhere that it's illegal to stop a car from exiting a driveway, but not from getting back on. But that's getting a little silly. If only we all had country mansions with mile loing driveways LOL

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    sounds similar to my road, i would def NOT park up on pavements as each council is different but most of the time you'll get a ticket or towed away. If the public road has no lines, you can park anywhere so long as you dont block others. Its as simple as that. For me i dont like people parking near my drive but it cant be helped.

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    I HAVE to park half on the pavement at work as everyone parks on both sides of the street.
    There are very little spaces.

    Next time she comes out just be polite and tell her you can park where you like... but be prepaired for vandalism of some kind.

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