Item: Chrome Plated Tuner Wheel Nuts 12x1.5
Manufacturer: McGard
Part Number: Unknown
Price paid (inc. VAT but exc. p&p): $30.99 (for 24 nuts and one key)
Purchased from:
Also available from: Lots of other places
OEM or After-Market: After-Market
Description of above: Chrome plated hardened steel tuner wheel nuts
Quality (out of 10): 9
Ease of fitting (out of 10): 10
Value for Money (out of 10): 8
Reliability (out of 10): 9
Would recommend: Yes


More info:

These are mean't to be the hardest wearing lug nuts you can get. They are hardened steal (no soft aluminium which corrodes to your studs) and have a hard chrome plating to them. They are available in other colours as well though mine where just plain chrome. They are tuner size so will fit even the tightest of wheel nut holes. They include a tool to remove.

I bought these from the Lug Shack in the US as that was the cheapest place I could find them at the time (even with the extortionate price for international delivery).


Fit like any other wheel nut. Just make sure you put a smear of copper grease on the stud thread before fitting.


Note lots of other manufactures sell identical lug nuts. I've had some from Kei Racing previously which looked absolutely identical (even used the same key) but the Kei racing ones rusted (cosmetically) through the chrome and kept coming back each time I removed it.

So I'm not sure if there is a difference in quality between the McGards and other identical branded nuts.

The McGard ones I've had a few years now and though there is a very small amount of surface rust staining on a few of them, this seems to wipe of very easily with a bit of metal polish. The Kei Racing ones I had previously the chrome was flaking and the rust was down to the steel below.

So I'm convinced these have far better quality chrome to other brands. If you aren't bothered about the chrome then I would suggest saving some money and buy the cheaper brands and then painting them.