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Thread: iO PLAY2 - Bluetooth handsfree car kit

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    iO PLAY2 - Bluetooth handsfree car kit

    OK, before I get into the review I will preface it with the following: the company who produce this product are my client. HOWEVER I paid for the product and it was installed because of the car/phone combo I have the client wanted to use them as a test bed. I do not get any payment for the number of iO PLAY2 units they sell or have any influence over pricing or sales.

    OK, that said read on...

    I was into getting some kind of handsfree solution in my FTO after the clip on, portable, visor mounted handsfree kit I was using ran our of battery and I couldn't find the in car charger. So I needed something and I was going to buy a cheap visor thingy again. But as I said above my client sells a handsfree car kit called iO, which I have helped them market. So I knew about the product and its capabilities since Feb of this year. It was finally launched in the UK in September and getting my hands on one initially proved problematic as early stocks flew off the shelves due to early reviews and orders.

    The thing wipes the floor with any Parrot kit, here's why. The iO PLAY2 has the best in class Amp: 180W Class D amp with a solid heatsink: This means as volume/amplitude rises so does resistance and therefore more heat is produced - big heatsink allows more efficient heat dissipation, which in turn creates a cooler running amp and better reproduced sound quality.

    So I had the iO PLAY2 installed in the FTO two weeks ago and I have waited to use it for a little while now to give it chance to prove itself. The install can be seen here iO PLAY2 Handsfree Car Kit Mitsubishi FTO install.

    2 weeks on and I have to say - WOW. Yes my testimonial comes with the burden of the manufacturer is my client but even so. WOW.
    The unit syncs quickly when you get in the car over bluetooth, all your contacts get stored on the iO device and you can pair two phones. Both phones being in master/master mode rather than master/slave (like Parrot) - meaning you can control the device with either phone and use full functionality with the device and phone.

    Making calls is really easy, easy to find contacts and the sound quality is waaaay better than my old visor device. It synced very quickly with my Samsung Note2 and I can easily control it. Also my wife synced her iPhone quickly as well as linking it up with the Apple 30 pin fly lead in the glove box. Oh yes and the item is also Apple approved.

    But the music streaming is Premier league awesome. Easy to get the device to play your music from your handset over Bluetooth (AVDP for the techies out there) and the amp handles rock and classic with equal aplomb. The inbuilt graphic equalizer allows you to tune the device to your interior and I have to say Muse never sounded so good. I did change the front speakers for Focal IC165s when I got the car and they really come alive with the iO PLAY2

    I have barley listened to my head unit (A touch screen JVC EXIAD unit) and I'm really happy the way I can easily access all th sound files on my handset. Audiobooks, speeches and music are all reproduced with clarity and quality. The punch from Muse's Supremacy is frankly the best I have heard it, better than my Rega Brio/Kyte speaker combo (oldies but still full, rounded and punchy).

    Would I recommend this product, yes! Would I recommend it even if the company who make it were not paying me to do their website stuff? YES! Definitely.

    Get the iO PLAY2 in your Mitsubishi FTO and you will not be disappointed. It is easily without a shadow of doubt and I would swear that it was the best in car ents system I have ever owned better than a 3 amp/sub system I had in my old Capri.

    See the video for the full install and then go to you tube to see other vids but the reviews from independent moor journalists concur that this is really a class leading product as witnessed by the Gold award at a recent MEN (Mobile Electronics News) ceremony. If it was no good I wouldn't write this up here to be honest as I don't get any kick back for the numbers they sell.

    So buy iO PLAY2 and make your FTO ROCK as it ROLLS!

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    How load is the handsfree phone side of the kit?
    I'm interested in one of these as you can also plug a TOmTOm into it and play that thru the car stereo.

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    Loud? Plenty loud.

    The music is handled very well with little distortion (obv. depends on speakers too)
    The phone calls are clear and precise and no distortion. When speaking I get no complaints and I have called in all sorts of conditions, and there's no feedback or echo and the unit has three settings to tailor the mic pickup for three different types of interior (van, car and convertible). The person calling comes through clean and clear, I've had some drop out in bad signal areas but this is bad signal and the kit cannot really be blamed is the actual phone signal is bad. The in call features are easy to use too, and voice recogintion (if you phone supports it) is handled really well.

    I'm getting another installed in our other car, that's how good I think it is.

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    The iO PLAY2 is an “innovative in-car music streaming device specifically designed for the music lover”, according to iO. Sounds good. iO also says of this Play 2: “the advanced Bluetooth handsfree music streaming device uses CSR technology to provide a top level of audio quality and performance”. This is also rather encouraging.

    And getting had the iO Play 2 that was deals direct within my vehicle (a Kia Sedona people carrier pre-loaded with a six-speaker VDO sound system) now for approximately sixty days, I have come know it rather well. For geeky lot among you, the Play 2 has multipoint ProTM technology which suggests, simply, it may possibly connect anywhere up to 2 Bluetooth devices simultaneously. Increase this quick integration of all the iPods and iPhones (at least those which work with the Apple 30 pin dock connector) and connectivity for MP3 players and satnav devices employing the 3.5mm stereo jack, the iO Play 2 means you can play music you continue your MP3 player associated with preference and of course if utilizing a bluetooth phone, make hands free telephone calls with an unobtrusive microphone this really is section of the system.

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